Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Swimmin' With The Frogs

Well, the Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Cardie is done. Finished. History. Kaput.

Yup, completely frogged out of existence. (Note the glass of shiraz in the photo. Mmmm-hmmm, it was that kind of night.)

So, you ask, what finally happened to push me over the edge?

Well, I'll tell you. With great confidence, I sat down to sew up the shoulder seams so that I could pick up the sleeve stitches and knit in front of the TV last night. I got the one seam finished and slipped the sweater on to make sure there was enough ease in the armhole. There was, but somehow, something felt off. I laid the thing flat to investigate and found that the front panel overlapped the back by about 2/3 instead of roughly 1/2. How odd.

So I folded over both front panels...

This is not good. Most of the time, when I make a cardigan, the two front panels do not overlap each other more than an inch or so at the button band. Hmmm...let's check our measurements.

Each of the front panels are 11 1/2 inches, and the back is 14 inches? That should read 23 inches! Now how in the hell did I knit an entire sweater body and not notice this? And how did I knit it, frog it, and knit it again, and NOT NOTICE THIS??

Too much stress? Too much shiraz? Not enough shiraz?

I reviewed my notes and found that the mistake was made before I even started. Swatches and calculations were all neat and tidy--23 inches at 8 st/inch is about 184 stitches, 11.5 inches at that gauge is 92 stitches. Mmm-hmm. So why did I write down PU and K 128 st across the back? That's 56 stitches off--or about 7 inches, which, after factoring in the draw-in for the lace pattern and the stitches consumed by the lace pattern that created a mock side seam, would account for the missing 9 inches. Bloody hell!

I poured that glass of shiraz, and pondered my options. Cut the sucker and insert a side panel? Frog out the front panels and make a smaller sweater for someone else? Ah, f**k it. Rip, rip, rip. It was strangely satisfying, so I suspect that I had had quite enough of this project or was never truly committed to it in the first place. Scratch that puppy off the UFO list!

So today is a bright new sunny day, and I have about 1200 yards of handspun fingering weight 3-ply woollen silk and merino to play with. Out of the frog pond and back to the drawing board!

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