Friday, April 04, 2008

Hats Off!

Whenever I scroll through my blogroll and find that a blog isn't being updated a lot recently, I always assume that the blogger has absolutely nothing going on, or waaay too much. That last one would be me! Computer time is a few minutes in the morning and a possible few more in the evening these days--and that is mostly spent getting my ass kicked at Scrabulous.

So what, you ask, has kept me so busy? Well, I'll tell you...

...I've been working a lot on the DAAGBF cardie. Then frogging and working a lot on it again. I'm making it up as I go along, so there are always revisions. And stupid mistakes in the really very simple lace pattern. Do not try and knit anything while watching "Sweeney Todd" on DVD--let's face it: do not try and knit anything while watching Johnny Depp on DVD! Too distracting.
Anyhooooo, I have divided for the armholes and am working the left front panel right now. It started out as a crew neck, but this time around, I am working it as a subtle vee. Time will tell which it stays in the end.

I am also quite immersed in rehearsals for "Angels in America", as I have mentioned before. This past week was fairly intense with the blocking and reblocking of the entire play, now we are into working the in scenes more detail. This means that my rehearsals are a little more spread out and that I actually have a few evenings off, plus all day Saturday, so I can go to the Ravelry meet-up this week.

I have a lot of time on my hands during rehearsals, too. I am playing four different characters who are spread out throughout the play, with long spaces of time between them. This can only mean one thing--more knitting time! I started out with a little watchcap, which I completed during the course of a run-thru, so I decided that I could make a hat per rehearsal. Last rehearsal we only did Act 1, so I made a baby hat. The rest of the cast and the director are quite amused by the concept, and I have already had one request for a custom hat.

The director also joked that I should write a play where every character wears a hat, and I countered that I should write a play where every character IS a hat! Perhaps even a musical! So that got me thinking--if you were a hat, which hat would you be? A tam? A toque? A cloche? Or perhaps a non-knitted hat, like a bowler or a sombrero?

It should also be mentioned at this juncture that three of my four characters wear hats. Hmmmm, I am beginning to see a theme's all about the hats. Isn't it always?

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