Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snow Day!

I'm snowed in. For the first time in the almost 26 years I have lived in Fort McMurray, we have had enough snowfall for schools and businesses to actually close. Holy Winter Wonderland, Batman! In April!

Busses have stopped running, and even the oilsands plants have told all non-process workers to work from home. Even when the temperature dipped to -55C plus windchill, the plants kept going!

My back yard, which was bare and dry on Saturday morning. It's hard to get the scale of things from this picture, but we're guesstimating it around 4 feet right now.

The snowdrift outside my door. That's about 10 inches at the door itself. But it`s not as bad as my neighbors...
...who must be using their underground parkade door!

And the College is closed, so I have this guy working in my living room. Eating my chips, and watching World`s Most Amazing Videos over the top of his computer screen. Hmmm. Tough job!

So what`s a girl to do but hole up in her studio and spinÉ

**I have no idea what happened to my question mark there. Shakes fist at Blogger yet again.**

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