Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Love October

I love October. I think it is my favorite time of the year, and this October is the best one yet, thanks to our friend El Nino. I have a picture of the begonias blooming in my garden on October 3 that I wanted to share, but the camera cable seems to be mafunctioning and I can't upload it. Suffice it to say, begonias in October are pretty rare here in the Canadian sub-arctic, but the weather has been so nice that most of my flowers are still blooming!

There are other reasons I love October:
  • The colors!! The leaves on the poplar, maple and aspen trees around here are spectacular this time of year. (More pics trapped in the camera!)
  • Cool nights, warm days. The sun always peeks out, even on the rainiest days, and warms things up. And no snow yet (touch wood!)
  • Thanksgiving. Big turkey feast, the family all together---mmmm.
  • Sweater weather. Or shawl weather. Or wrist-warmer weather. Or any other excuse to haul out the handknits.
  • Maple machiattos are back at Starbucks!!
  • And last but not least-HALLOWEEN!!!! The planning has begun, skulls and cobwebs are beginning to appear around the house. Costumes are being planned and sewn. Skeletons are being dragged out of closets. Hee, hee, heee!

Now to get my camera fixed--or replaced!