Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So That's Where the Time Went!

No doubt you have been wondering where I went this time. Wellll, the honest truth is that I have not blogged because I thought I had nothing to blog about. And yet, this morning, as I pondered about where the last two weeks had gone and why I had been so busy and nothing had gotten accomplished, I realized that I had dozens of things to blog about. Well, okay, five or six.

Number one: I have started a new sweater, the Phoenix arising from the ashes of the DAAGBF Cardie. Yep, your basic four-piece square sweater in a pretty swell cable and rib pattern. I confess that I have not done a lot of cable knitting in the last 5 or 6 years and that I entered into this with misgivings, but, truth be told, I'm loving it a lot more than that cardie. And 12 inches in, I have only had to tink out half a row to recover a dropped stitch. Not a single wee froggie in sight (touch wood!).

I would love to make it a long tunic, but I suspect I shall have to stop at about hip-length due to yarn constraints. Still, it's great fun knitting and I am being veerry cautious about the measuring and the counting. This time I'm gonna get it right!

Number two: I have also been spinning up a storm. Well, okay, maybe a rainshower. I have been working on color-blending samples for my upcoming color workshop, and I spent an afternoon indulging in this little yarn...

...blended from Ashford's Merino top in "Bean Sprout" and "Cheesecake" and Louet's Corriedale top in "Fuschia". It's a rather subtle colorway, but I really like it. It's also unusually chunky for my spinning, which was deliberate. There are about 60g of fibre in about 50 yards of woolen yarn--super soft and cushy. I would have made more, but I ran out of "Bean Sprout". still, there's enough for a nice little hat there.

Number three: Meanwhile, over on the Kromski, I was spinning lace.

Ashford's Corriedale top (?) in "Purple", 210 yards, 47 grams. Way more than I needed to spin for a project I have in mind and disappointingly scratchy, but really nice to look at.

Number four: No pictures of this project, but I have also taken on the role of 2009 Fibre Arts Program Coordinator for Olds College's Fibre Week. Basically, this means I am on the prowl for interesting workshops and workshop leaders for Fibre Week next year. Lots of computer time. (If you have any ideas or suggestions, drop me a line!)

Number five: I have also been working on setting up a Master Spinner Off-Campus Level 1 class up here in Fort McMurray. There is enough interest to pursue the idea, with about 10-12 people ready to give it a whirl (whorl?), but the finding of a space that is not cost-prohibitive and/or consistently available has led to some frustrations and some interesting new contacts. I have reached a point where I actually have two workable options and I am just waiting for a few details to be hashed out before I make the final decision. Of course, I will be teaching, which will lead to a whole other panic once the class is confirmed. Which leads to...

Number six: I was hired yesterday to teach a second Level 3 class at Fibre Week this year!!!! Wee-hoo! The College decided to split the class because they had more than the maximum enrollment and Level 3 is a tough level. Fortunately for me, the brilliant Roberta Murray is the other instructor, and since she wrote the module, she knows the level inside and out. Still, I had better get myself up to speed on a few things that I haven't thought about lately (MATH!).

Whoo! So I guess things have happened in the last couple of weeks. And, of course, this is not including the whirlwind visit of the lovely and talented Miss Lexi, SOYA gatherings, yoga classes, the beginning of soccer season, the ever-present sock project, or the advent of an actual spring and all the garden work that portends. At least now I know why I'm so busy!

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