Sunday, February 17, 2008

Greetings From Sunny Vancouver

Well, it's sunny today, anyway!  And this was yesterday's sunset as viewed from Third Beach at Stanley Park.After three weeks of 45 below, this is Paradise!
I'm having a great time out here on the Wet Coast.  I believe that I am naturally inclined toward coastal living, but it is certainly a change of pace from the frigid North.  I can walk around in a sweater, though the locals are all bundled to the eyeballs.  I can get a latte that tastes like coffee.  There are smiling people, and the sales clerks and servers don't scowl at you and act as if you are inconveniencing them by being in their establishment.  Well, except for the two dudes in the coffee place I went to this afternoon--fantastic latte, crappy service.  I guess even Lotusland isn't totally perfect.
I have made pilgrimages to many of my favorite fibery places, including Birkland Bros., Maiwa Supply, and the Silk Weaving Studio.  I have done a wee bit of stash enhancement.   I have haunted several vegetarian restaurants (my hostess, the lovely and talented Miss Lexi is a vegetarian).  I went to the Mika concert on Friday night and had waaaay too much fun for a grown-up.  I even went to the Vancouver Aquarium  with my best friend from high school and our daughters!  Once again, too much fun for a grown-up.  I love vacations!
This picture just turned out this way--I am not very technical, so I could never replicate it, but I love the way the Beluga whale glows...'s kinda magical.
In between long walks on beaches and mad shopping sprees, I am spindling some amazing Black Diamond bamboo.  I will have to find out a little more about this product, because I really like the way it spins and it has a lovely natural grey color that sort of glows.  I know it is "carbonized" bamboo, which suggests to me "burnt", and I have found wee bits of charcoal-ish stuff in it.  I just want to know how it is prepared, and the environmental impact, before I get too high on the stuff.
There has also been much knitting.  I have knit a chunky scarf for my hostess while on various assorted bus rides, I finished the cuff and turned a heel on a bright red heart sock on the plane, I am chipping away at the grey diamond cardigan.  Lots of fibre time.  Have I mentioned that I love vacations?
Well, I'm off to join the throngs watching the sun set over English Bay, then back here to cook up a vegan stir fry for my hard-working daughter.  I'll catch you again when I get home!

Doh!  I have no idea how to get rid of the underlined sentences at the beginning of the post.  There is no link, and no reason for the sentences to be underlined.  Also, I noticed that I spelled Birkeland Bros. wrong.  My apologies!

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