Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There has been a whole lot of this going on around here lately...

Yes, we are in the deep, dark days of winter.  The holidays are over.  The feasting is finished.  Twinkling decorations are stowed for another 11 months.  It's January, and nothing is going on.

Oh, stuff is happening.  Just not that hectic running about that seems to go on during the rest of the year.  No travel.  No teaching.  Not even a lot of emails rolling into the inbox.  In fact, it was beginning to feel downright dull around here.  Just a whole bunch of spinning and knitting and reading, with the occasional tasty meal thrown in for variety.  Fighting a lingering sniffle.  Really, nothing much to speak of.  I was beginning to get bored.

So, this morning, I decided to start getting things organised for the coming year.  I knew I had a few upcoming workshops that would need supplies, so I started sifting through contracts and emails.  I came up with 13 different classes, in 7 different venues in the next 6 months.  Four, count 'em, four Master Spinner classes alone!  And this doesn't count August-November, where I have at least a class a month booked already.

The list-making, the budgeting, the travel-arranging has begun.  Along with my work on curriculum review, article writing, and my annual foray into set design.  Suddenly, time spent spinning seems very precious, and reading is a luxury.  The last couple of weeks have not been a boring waste of time, but a precious island of calm before the next wave of chaos.  Now those empty squares on the calendar are a respite, a couple of days to rest and recharge.  Because I have been reminded that when I flip the calendar page over to February, there are no empty squares.  Until mid-August.

So, like a bear, I will continue to stay curled up in my little den, living off the fat stores built up by the excess of the last few weeks, resting and recharging.  And when the spring comes (apparently on February 15th!), I will be ready to charge out and face the world.

But for now, I'm gonna curl up and take a nap.

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