Sunday, October 11, 2009

Countdown Went Down! H Minus 20

Well, so much for that plan!

We have suffered countdown interuptus, courtesy of my ISP. We have been having troubles off and on since July, mostly because of costly infrastructure issues in my condo complex, and everything collapsed again on Friday evening. Hopefully, we have a "final resolution" to the problem this time, but we shall see...

So, back to the countdown: Why do they build fences around graveyards?
Because so many people are dying to get in!
We are one riddle behind now, so we have a bonus riddle today. Yes indeedy, two for the price of one! Think of it as a holiday bonus (it's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend!)
How do you calculate the circumference of a Jack-o-Lantern?
What is a vampire's favorite holiday?
See you tomorrow. I hope!

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