Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just a Buncha Random Stuff

I've obviously been housebound too long and my mind is rambling...

First, the rant: I cannot believe the obliviousness of most of the people I have been encountering lately! From drivers who do not look before backing out of parking spaces, to those people who s-l-o-w-l-y push their shopping carts down the dead centre of the aisle so no one else can pass by, to the gaggle of silly teen girls who all ran into me--one at a time, in a cluster--at the mall. Ooops, we didn't see you there. Yeah, right, it's hard to spot a 5'10" woman with bright silver hair and an even brighter purple shawl! They didn't see me because THEY WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO THE WORLD AROUND THEM!!! (One of those same teenage girls rather hilariously bumped into a pillar only seconds after charging into me!)

Why doesn't anyone look around and see what obstacles are in their way anymore? Or what obstacles they themselves may be creating? I do not have a Ninja-like awareness of every atom within a hundred kilometer diameter of my location, but I do notice pillars in front of me. LOOK AROUND PEOPLE--YOU ARE NOT ALONE! No wonder I don't want to go out.

And on the subject of oblivion: I stopped by my local green-logoed coffee establishment today to pick up latte, and as I was heading over to grab a lid, something caught my eye. I looked down and my knitting was dangling out of my bag, lowering itself from the centre-pull ball still in my purse like a big purple spider. At least I caught it in time and didn't lose yet another project in the street!

Next, a movie review: Check out the independent New Zealand movie Black Sheep. Unless you are squeamish, that is. It's pretty darn gruesome. But what else would you expect when an insane Kiwi sheep rancher genetically engineers the perfect sheep and animal rights activists attempt to free it? Of course there are mutants with a taste for human flesh. Sheep mutants! The movie is really rather formulaic and there are plot holes that you could drive a semi through, but the concept of flesh-eating sheep is tooo entertaining. And very well executed by the special effects team--the sheep driving the Land Rover is a sight to behold! And the film makers have plugged in all sorts of little zombie movie gags, too, if you're into that stuff. If you are brave enough to rent/buy this cinematic epic, check out the special features, which includes a look at the meticulous construction of the killer sheep puppets. Talk about fibre artists!

And you've got to love the catchline! Absolutely fabulous!

On the fibre front: I have finished the New Year Fireworks socks. They are currently blocked and drying and I will post a pic when they are done. There was almost a whole skein left over, so I am making yet another pair of ribbed wrist warmers with that. I have a little more work to do on the latest yoga shawl, and I am spinning away on my 3-ply silk and merino blend. Why must I spin so fine? There are days when it seems that I will never get knitting this stuff! The fibre for my color workshop samples is here, and I am itching to get to work on that, but I have to get the silk and merino off one wheel, silk and seaweed off another, and some bright orange merino off wheel number three. So much for having multiple wheels so I can rotate my work! I guess I need another wheel...

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