Thursday, January 17, 2008

The FO Files

Ahh, the sense of accomplishment when you finish a project...

The New Year Yarn socks turned out really well. I tried to get all fancy and make lace, then textured socks,but the stitches obscured the beauty of the yarn. In the end, your basic sock pattern seemed to work best for the yarn, showing off the sparkles and the stripes to perfection!
Don't you love it when a project turns out exactly as planned?

And while uploading sock pics to my computer, I also cleared out the Christmas weaving pics. Once again, something that worked out exactly as planned. I'm getting a little alarmed by this trend... This is the silk scarf I wove for Miss Lexi. Warp and weft of 10/2 silk sett at 12 epi, with shots of handpainted silk chenille placed randomly. The closeup is even more impressive.

Then the rest of the silk chenille went as a weft over a turquoise 10/2 silk warp. The warp ends were also embellished with beads, which I don't seem to have a picture of. Humph! And the color resolution doesn't do much justice to the dye work, either. But, it's a finished object and you have to take my word that it was as lovely as the others.

I also made these exquisite little cashmere gloves for my sister. I used a leftover ball of 3200 ypp lace yarn, knit at 12 st/inch, so they were somewhat painstaking to complete, but they are gorgeous! The only problem was that I modelled them to my hands, which are slightly larger than my sister's--perhaps with the unconscious hope that she would give them back if they didn't fit? Alas, that did not happen--she still wears them, baggy though they may be on her delicate digits. As I type, I have a silk and wool yoga shawl ready to go into the wash. Yay, productivity! I guess that's what happens when you have a studio!

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  1. The gold and turquoise silk scarf is gorgeous! Love that color combo! Your weaving is beautiful.