Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Not as in "back away hastily", but as in "getaway". I'm just back from the annual
Wild Rose Fibres spinning retreat. This is their fourth retreat, but the first one I have actually been able to get to. I'm hooked and already pre-booked for next year!

The retreat consists of two days of workshops-one with Judith McKenzie-McCuin and the other with a rotation of guest instructors. This year the second workshop on plying to blend colors was presented by our lovely hostess Colleen. She uses a fiendishly clever system to ensure that there is always the right amount of singles on your bobbin when you go to ply. I am still working on the samples, since I decided to spin at my usual spider-web grist instead of at the worsted weight that Colleen's samples were produced in, but I am so intrigued by the method that I plan to work on them until they are done and make up the sample scarf. Eventually, I'll post the results, but don't hold your breath--you've seen how frequently I blog!
In between the workshops, we had fabulous food and a themed banquet. Luau!
Judi got into the spirit. I have a much better picture, but I am saving it for blackmail purposes!

It's just wonderful to get out of isolation and commune with people who understand what it is that I do. With no local guild and little to no appreciation of art and fine craft in the community, it's sometimes difficult keep perspective on your work. Going out to these things sort of validates all that time and energy spent making woolly things instead of scooping oil sands out of the ground like everyone else. As one woman told us "I've found my tribe".
So, recharged and revalidated, I spin!

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    How does one work so that they will have enough singles on their bobbin when they go to ply?