Thursday, February 22, 2007

Man, I Wish I Was A Dog...

...'cuz this is how Teagan is getting through long, cold, snowy days.
And by snowy, I mean two dumps of 20+ cm over a three-day period.
Apparently I was drunk--or in shock from the huge snowfall--when I took this picture. A little lopsided and I have no idea what that white thing in the lower right corner might be. Sadly, though, this is the best picture I have of the Winter Wonderland that my wee garden has become. As a point of reference, my fence is 6 feet tall. The mound in the middle of the yard is taller than my fence. We have dubbed it "The Catterhorn" because of its ever-increasing resemblance to the fake mountain in Disneyland, and its apparently magnetic attraction for every cat in the neighborhood.
Meanwhile, I am getting next to nothing accomplished on the old fibre front thanks to a series of migraines that seem to be triggered by the ups and downs in the weather. And aggravated by a wee bout of cabin fever. On Sunday, my little car couldn't even get past the snowdrifts at the top of the underground parking ramp and the snow was up to mid-thigh, which discouraged walking. What is a girl to do, but knit and snooze?

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