Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Keeping Busy

It's been a busy week. Between the added chaos that a new puppy has brought to the household and the sudden influx of commissions, I've been kept hopping. I've also gotten two socks knitted for my in-depth study and two of three plies spun for another sample. When this yarn gets plied, I am officially through half of the samples.

Teagan doesn't like the cold (who does?), so I knit her a little sweater.

How cute is that?

As Teagan has travelled out and about, everyone has admired her new sweater. I now have two commissions to make dog sweaters, on top of the yoga shawls. I had to redesign the pattern a bit to suit larger dogs (adult designer mutts, both, but larger than Teagan is right now). I will be using the second sweater to test the pattern as I have written it, but I am apparently in the dog sweater business! I used Patons SWS (70% wool 30% soy) for the original sweater because I had leftovers from a felted bag project. My customers loved the striping effect (doncha love how self-patterning yarns make you look soooo clever!) and the feel of the yarn, so the materials for my next felted bag have been diverted. Oh well, now I have an excuse for more stash enhancement and a trip to E-town in my immediate future. Woo-hoo!

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