Thursday, May 16, 2013

Commercial Break

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I have launched an exciting new project, and I could use your help.

I am developing a new web series about fibre and the people who raise it, process it, and work with it called Fibre Optic Television. I am very excited about this project, even though the size and scope of it seem a little overwhelming at times.

If you want some more information about what I'm up to, you can like my Facebook Page:

Or you can check out my Indiegogo fundraising campaign: and maybe even throw a couple of bucks my way to get this thing up and running.

Hopefully, if a few people are willing to help cover the travel and production costs, I will have this series recorded and ready to air by early January, 2014.  I'm really excited and I hope I can get the rest of the fibre world excited, too.  Spread the word!

And stay tuned to a computer near you...

We will now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.

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