Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Act of Shameless Self-Promotion

For those of you in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland region of British Columbia (or those of you who can get there on this short notice), I would like to remind you that Fibres West is coming up next weekend.  Why? Because I will be there, teaching, and my classes still have space.

So, in a blatant act of shameless self-promotion, I am here to say:  COME TAKE A CLASS!

My class sizes are quite small right now, but the organizers have decided to go right ahead and run them anyway.  I love small classes, because I get more one-on-one time with each student, which is great for you, too. And the organizers have agreed to keep registration open right up to the start of class time, so you impulsive types can just show up in the morning and join in!

The classes I will be teaching next weekend are:

Friday, March 16, I will be offering an abridged version of my most popular workshop, Spinning Super Socks.  We will cover fibre selection, worsted-style spinning, spinning to a specific twist per inch, and self-striping socks.  The cost is a low $90 for registration, plus a measly $15 paid to me for materials.

Saturday, March 17, I will teach Simply Elegant Spindle Spinning.  Learn how to spin, or improve your spinning, on a suspended (drop) spindle.  Perfect for yarn lovers who are ready to take the next step, or for those of you who wheel spin and wish your wheel was more portable.  This class is relaxed and gentle, and a lot of fun. (And it will be taking place on St. Paddy's Day, so who knows what shenanigans may ensue!) Registration is $90, and materials are only $10.

Classes both days run 10-4, with a lunch break.

So, if you have some free time on your hands, or were considering taking a class, or really, really want to get your hands into some nice fibre, go to Fibres West's website and check out the details.  And if you don't want to take a class with me, there are several other fine classes with space available, too.  And vendors.  Did I mention that there will be vendors? 

So head on out to Abbotsford.  Take a class.  Shop.  Revel in the fibery goodness. Or just drop by and say hi.

(But, seriously, you should take my class. Really.)

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  1. Oh ... I would love to take your class, but I will be up in your hometown taking care of things there for the man who works way too much OT. :0)

    Have fun!!!!!

    PS ... I'll be working on homework while you have St Patty Day shenanigans!!!