Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Postcards from the Road: A Tale of Tragedy and Great Kindness

I have had a wonderful week away.  Vancouver has been glorious, with only a wee bit of rain last night.  Quadra Island was spectacular.  Jacey Boggs was inspiring and just plain swell.  I had a marvellous visit with my kids, and with new friends Liz and Mark.

But none of that is why I blog this morning.  Instead, I want to share a story of Tragedy turned upside-down by Great Kindness. 

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, an Intrepid Spinner packed her bags for a workshop.  This Spinner travels a bit, so she has a pretty reliable system for ensuring that her tools and equipment arrive at the other end safely.  She also really likes to fly with one particular airline within Canada because they have always been good to her.  This airline is Westjet.

The flight was uneventful but pleasant.  The Spinner arrived in Vancouver and managed to get herself to her Cozy Accommodation.  She opened her bag, and:

((Insert dramatic music here.))

Her niddy-noddy, the second fibre tool she had ever purchased, waaay back when she was a Fledgling Spinner...DESTROYED.

The Spinner was...somewhat...distraught.

So, being a Spinner of the 21st Century, she did what anyone in this situation would do.  She grabbed her cell phone and Tweeted:

"Aaaaaaagggghhhh! @Westjet broke my niddy-noddy!"

Within minutes, West jet responded with:

"What is a niddy-noddy, and how can we help?"

The Spinner sent a Wikipedia link, and explained her predicament.  Westjet then Tweeted:

"#Vancouver we need your help.  Please let @spindleprincess know if you can help her find a niddy-noddy by noon tomorrow"

They even added the Wikipedia link so Vancouver would know what a niddy-noddy was.  Within minutes, the Spinner was deluged with responses.  A loaned niddy-noddy was arranged, and a replacement put on hold for when the Spinner could pick it up.  All was well.

Then Westjet showed their true colors.  They have offered to pay for the replacement niddy-noddy.  They have checked in with the Spinner several times to ensure that all is well.  They are being AWESOME.

The End.

So, thank you Westjet for your Great Kindness.

The Spinner will be travelling back to her home in the North tomorrow, and can hardly wait to fly Westjet again.

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  1. In this day and age when every flying consumer is treated like cattle...
    Any chance we can get WestJet to take over the major airlines within the US?