Thursday, April 07, 2011

Protest to Party

Outcry to celebration.

When people come together in peaceful protest, sometimes good things happen.  One of those good things happened today.

I wrote earlier this week about the cuts to music programs at Keyano College, and about the planned protest this afternoon.  A group of students who were about to lose their classes and a group of people who care about the Arts and Arts education came together and there

There were strings...

...and brass...

...and spontaneous jamming.

There were signs...

...and more signs.

And the best part?  The College issued a press release stating that due to the public reaction to their decision, the Board of Governors would be reviewing the situation and seeing what can be done to save the programs in question.  And then they threw in free hot dogs, cookies and hot chocolate for the protesters.

We left after about an hour.  It was getting chilly.  But the young musicians headed to the street corner in front of the college and held a bit of a party.  They waved at passing vehicles, and played music and danced.

A week ago, we were a community about to lose its music.  Tonight, I have hope.  These kids are going to rock our world!

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