Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Six Short Stories About March

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that life has become a blur! In lieu of my usual long, rambling blog post, here are some quick snapshots of my March:
1.) I bought A LOT of Angelina fibre. I'm all about the glitz these days, and I set out to order 3 or four colors. But Laura from Legacy Studio kept tempting me. In the end, there are 18 baggies in 8 colors. Oooooh, sparkly!

2.) My son's production of The Rocky Horror Show opened last week, and it's fabulous! Funny, sexy, and waaay over the top! I designed the set (sort of), Steve built it, Brendan produced, directed and designed costumes. A bit of a family affair. Brendan has done a marvelous job of surrounding himself with passionate, talented and...interesting people, and will probably not need his old Mom the next time around, but it was a thrill (and a bit of stress) to be involved with this project.

3.) For some reason, it seemed like a good idea to handcard 60 orange heather rolags one afternoon. Then for some reason, it seemed like a good idea to have a hot bath and rub Voltaren on my shoulders and not do anything for two days.

4.) There was a lot of orange spun. The darker orange is a Corriedale/silk blend. Spun worsted, lace-weight (about 50 wpi), 320 yards. The heather is still being plied, but so far, I have one skein of 305 yards, woollen, about the same grist. There is one more orange yarn in the planning stages, then the project will take shape. One hopes!

5.) To relieve the stress, I spun a little corespun mohair yarn. There are 95 yards at about 24 wpi. The core yarn is lace-weight Corriedale top (with a little left over), spun S and plied Z, and the outer layer is hand-dyed mohair locks that were loosely carded. Mmmmm, soft and fuzzy!

6.) You may have read about Karen Wolverton, co-owner of Lush Canada, painting herself red and laying on a bloody Canadian flag to protest the seal hunt. Well, part of that is a lie. She did not paint herself red, my daughter, the lovely and talented Miss Lexi Boyd, painted her.

Those are just a few things that happened in March. There was also a sweater completed, a soccer tournament (knitting + soccer mom=tink), a birthday, exams, and a minor collapse from exhaustion.
Bring on April!

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  1. wow! and all I did this week was wax my legs!