Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Lord It's Hard to Be Humble...

Well, actually, it's pretty easy--just when I get cocky, I lean over the stove to reach the oil and burn my chin on a hot frying pan. Honestly. I did that. Then I dropped a 5 kg bag of sugar, which exploded. Then I dropped an open canister of coffee grounds. So humility is my middle name today.

However, this does come on the heels of a great week last week. The Christmas knitting is progressing nicely and is (so far) ahead of schedule. I made a really fabulous yarn that I cannot share just yet, and it dyed beautifully!

And this came in the mail:
The brochure for the next ANWG Conference in Spokane. My name is in there, along with names like James Koehler, Sarah Swett, Judie Overbeek, Bobbie Irwin, Kris Abshire, and Anne Field. All artists and teachers whose level of work I aspire to. And I am in their company, at least on paper! Little old me!
I've been working hard lately to become a "real" fibre artist and teacher. After years of squeezing spinning in between driving kids, making meals, volunteering at schools and other motherly chores, I woke up last week to find that I am actually doing what I wanted to do for all those years. I am no longer a Mom who knits on the side, I am a Master Spinner, handknitter and weaver with commission and teaching work stacking up for 2009 and beyond. I know exactly how Pinocchio felt when he realized he was a real boy! And the weirdest part is that it happened while I wasn't looking. I just opened my mailbox, and there I was, in the ANWG brochure.
So call it hubris if you will, but I had to share my wee moment of triumph that all my hard work has paid off. I'm all grown up and doing what I have wished I was doing for the past 20 years.
Or you could take this as a warning: Be careful what you wish for--you just might get it.
I did!

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  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Hey you! I hope you remember me! It's the Kaitlin you drove to the hospital during Fibre Week who DIDN'T break her foot open.

    Hi! I found you on the interwebs!