Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In the Blink of an Eye...

...August disappeared! What happened?

A lot. That's what. Family reunions, travel, finished objects, gardening, workshops and birthday parties just ate up the month. It's all a bit of a blur, really!
I spent more time on the highway than anywhere else, I suppose. We took a family trip to Edmonton for a gathering of Steve's family. The whole gang was never fully assembled at one time, but there are 19 of us spread over 4 generations and having 13 or 14 in a room at once is chaos enough! Lots of fun, noise and good food. And the drive home again.
I spent the next few days packing and prepping for my workshop in Gibsons, then hit the road the following Friday. Julia travelled with me, and we spent a couple of days in E-town again, catching up with friends and family. Then we hit the road for the coast. And may I just say, it's a long drive. Scenic, but long.

We spent a couple of days puddling around in Vancouver (literally--it was a wee bit rainy!)...

...eating ice cream and...

...walkin' on the beach.

We went to the Vancouver Aquarium and saw the new baby beluga whale.

And we hung out with the lovely and talented Miss Lexi when she was not at school.

Then I abandoned my daughters and headed off on the ferry to Gibsons.

Hmm...what can I say about Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival? How about WOW!!!!. Great festival, great community, great vendors, great people...just GREAT! I had a fabulous time, and my workshop seemed to go over well. And I bought a few wee bits and pieces of fibre....

...and, of course, did much spinning! Oh look at her, teaching away!

I kept the class busy spinning...

...and taking notes. Boy, I sure hope I said something that was worth writing down!

If nothing, else, we all had a lot of fun!

After the second day of the workshop, I did a little touristing, including a visit to Molly's Reach, a local landmark from the '70's CBC series "The Beachcombers".

I was never a big Beachcombers fan, but I'm pretty sure they've dolled the place up a bit from what I remember from the series. Then I wandered down the pier...

...apparently looking pretty stunned. I would suggest that perhaps I was a little brain-drained after having shared my great wisdom with my class? Yeah, that works. Right?

After a transcendent crab dinner at Smitty's Oyster House, a hot bath and a good night's sleep, I heading back to Vancouver for brunch with the girls. Lexi went off to work, and Julia and I went shopping, then headed out to Langley for the night.

We hit the road north the next morning and slowly worked our way home. There was a birthday to celebrate once we got here, so the next couple of days were spent cleaning and decorating and making party games. Then it was September!! And here we are...Julia is back to school, Steve off to work, and I am in the studio.

And life goes on...I wonder where September will go?

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