Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, You Don't See That Every Day...

Busy, busy, busy, as usual!

With Christmas coming up, I have been scrambling to finish up commissions and get my own gifts knitted and woven. I'm a sleeve and half a sock away from being done, so I am well ahead of the game. Knock wood. Hopefully, I'll get around to posting pics of the FOs after the gifts have been opened by their respective recipients--I'm really happy with my work this year.

All this knitting and weaving has been crammed in between a very hectic schedule of family visits, Christmas concerts, parties, and auditions. I auditioned for and won the role of Hannah Porter Pitt in Keyano Theatre's upcoming production of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. Very exciting, and challenging--this means I actually play 4 different characters, including an elderly Rabbi and the late Ethel Rosenberg. A little something to occupy my "free time". Eep.

And with all this going on, I get an email from a designer friend of mine, offering me an interesting challenge. She walks with the help of a cane some days, but in Alberta's frosty climate, she was finding the handle of her cane a little too cold at times. So what should do, but to ask someone to knit her a "cane sweater". How could I say no?

Interestingly enough, there isn't a lot online about cane handle covers. Has no one else ever had this idea? So off to the drawing board. Armed with the dimensions of the cane handle in question and a ball of turquoise Shetland yarn, I went to work. And came up with this...

Yeah, i know, it's not much to look at all laid out flat, but look at it on the local model!

All purty and buttoned up. The handle sections are knitted in the round, then the buttoned shaft cover is picked up and knit down. I think the buttons could have been a wee bit closer together to keep the gapping to a minimum, but I didn't want too many fussy buttons cluttering things up, either. You certainly don't see anything else like it around, anyway-perhaps I have unvented something new!

Today's big plan--fudge and toffee. MMMM!

Oh, and a sleeve and half a sock!


  1. Katie4:18 AM

    I love it! I am a knitter and have fibromyalgia and could very well be using a cane someday soon. I will remember this should the need arise!

  2. We now have crocheted Cane Sweaters in a multitude of colors at that are a bit different. But I love this knitted version, too!

    - Claire -