Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This 'n' That

Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. --Ferris Bueller

With so much going on, it's hard sometimes to sit down and take stock of what's actually happening. The past two weeks have seen:

A Zombie Crypt Crawl--a house to house Halloween party with a Zombie theme. What a Blast! But I learned that zombies drink waaaaay too much and get bad hangovers.

Halloween itself. The Haunt was a huge success, though we were tweaking the technology right up until the first trick-or-treaters arrived. We had about 150 visitors, some of whom entered the inner sanctum for sips and nibblies. Hectic, but great fun!

The spinning of a thick 'n' thin yarn for a tam for Lexi. I used some leftover Merino/alpaca blend top from Silver Valley Fibres, dyed it, cast on the tam, then lost the project somewhere in Edmonton! Along with a set of Britanny 6mm dpns. I can respin the wool--I'm working on it now--but I'm pretty cut up about those needles.

And a dye day. Five skeins each of 20/6 silk and sport weight Celeigh Wool Shetland in violet; three skeins of handspun, two skeins of Shetland and one skein of 12/2 silk in turquoise; two skeins of 12/2 silk in an unreproduceable shade of gold; all three pots were exhausted on the Corriedale roving at the top left. The real challenge was finding space for all of this to dry!

Plus a trip to Edmonton to celebrate 2 birthdays and visit the Edmonton Weavers' Guild sale, and the knitting of an almost completed shawl, a pair of mitts and a sock. Time for a day off! Yeah, right.

I also found a little time to monkey around with the blog layout. I'm soooo technically challenged. As odd as it sounds coming from someone who spends weeks spinning fine lace yarns, then months knitting shawls, I don't have the patience for the plodding steps required to do computer graphics! Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with my new title bar.

Still on the agenda: another dye day (today), prep for a medieval textiles workshop that I will be giving in 10 days, paint and organize the soon to be guest room/studio. After that, Lexi will be home for a visit, then the madness of the Christmas season will begin. Oh, and another yoga shawl commission has to be squeezed in there somewhere...

Pause for a deep breath.

I'm not complaining, really. It's good to be busy when you are busy doing things that you love. I still have time every day to walk the dog and the weather has been lovely for the first week of November--cool and rainy, but the little snow we have had has not stayed and the temperatures are still above zero most days. Life is good.

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