Monday, June 11, 2007

In Memorium

Terry Yushchyshyn December 25, 1936-June 7,2007

My Dad died last Thursday after fighting cancer for a year. When he was diagnosed, he was given 3 months. As usual, Dad did not do what was expected of him...

I have been quietly contemplating his life and the impact he made on mine, and I am grateful for the love and lessons that he passed on to me. He was an important player in the movie exhibition industry for 50 years, but the person I knew was also a sensitive and playful Daddy, and that's how I will remember and honor him.

I learned a lot from my Dad. Here is a short list of the most important lessons, in no particular order:

-Everything in moderation.

-When someone says something that upsets you, consider the source.

-Fishing isn't about catching fish, it's about sitting in the middle of the lake enjoying the quiet.

-Everything will grow with enough water and fertilizer.

-Sometimes it's better to be quiet than to be right.

-Friends come and go, but your family is forever.

-One good dog is better company than a hundred friends.

-You'll appreciate something a lot more if you have to work to get it.

-The best wild blueberries grow in clear-cuts and pipeline pathways.

-Always be ready for the next adventure.

-Take life seriously, but don't take people seriously.

-A long, hot bath solves just about everything.

There was so much more, of course, but these ones are the bits of advice that I hear running through my head most often.

I love you, Dad.

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