Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahhh, Sweet Freedom

Well, sort of.

I am free to spin the yarns I want to--no more socks for a while! I am free to spin or knit when I want to. The family has scattered for the long weekend, and as much as I love them all, I am free from cooking and cleaning (not that I really do that, anyway) and driving.

So what do I do to celebrate this newfound freedom. Invite people over for dinner and plan a gourmet meal. Spin samples for my upcoming seminars. Finish UFOs.

Boy do I know how to live!

I did take some time to see a couple of movies--while I was spinning. I highly recommend The Queen, Dreamgirls, and Shortbus. But only watch Shortbus if you have no aversion to penises--you see one or two--or any other material of a graphically sexual nature. Just a warning, Mom.

I took Teagan to the dog park today. She loves to see the other dogs, but is a little overwhelmed by the big ones. There were a Cockapoo and Shih-Tsu/Poodle cross there that were her size, but those Labs and Shepherds were not quite her cup of tea. Gan. Get it? Ha, ha?

Tonight is a seafood feast for me and the boys and the season finale of The Simpsons.

I said it before: Boy do I know how to live.

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