Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yay! Pictures!

I've sorta been putting off blogging lately because our camera has been missing. It's not that I don't have anything interesting to say, but pictures are sooo much more fun. Well, the camera showed up yesterday...in a truly bizarre spot, too. So without further ado--pictures.

Orlando sez: No knitting for you!

What the picture doesn't show is that he actually has his paws wound into the skeins and his nose burrowed in. Orlando loooooves wool and is always looking for a woolly nest to snooze in. He is also fond of chewing on handknit wool socks and mittens, which is not nearly so cute and charming. The yarn is the angora/merino blend that I spun up over the weekend for a hat and gloves for my daughter, then dyed yesterday. I was going for "coral", but I think I got "melon", but it meets with approval, so it's all good.

Since I was already making a mess, I decided to handpaint the yarn that I bought for my sister's Christmas gift.

The bottom yarn is from Silver Valley Fibres and is a beaded lopi. The top skein is a handspun looped boucle that I made a few weeks ago, and will serve as a contrast collar band. I love the colors (the picture doesn't do them justice!) and I may have to find another gift for my sister if it knits up as nicely as I think it will!

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